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My love of photography is partnered by my enthusiasm for custom album design.  I strive to create pieces which make clients rejoice in having a physical presentation piece, not just images tucked away on a flash drive!  In the modern design world, I am a total renegade.  I utilize no computer programs, templates, or typical technology in my design process.  I am a purist and I consider my storybooks to be pieces of art, created by the technology of eyes, heart, and hands.  I patronize only the best bookbinders and crafters:  their work surpasses the highest standards and expectations of the industry.  My books are not only visually appealing, but archival, functional, and of solid quality.  Melissa Perella Storybooks contain real photographic prints, not images printed directly onto pages.  Because of the nature of my books, I am able to include paper ephemera such as invitations, programs, printed poetry and quotations, to achieve the most unique heirloom pieces possible.  Clients seeking a true conversation piece meant to be handed down to future generations need to look no further than my assortment of custom crafted books!  Please click here to access available album styles (password required).

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