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Frequently Asked Questions…

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I like the fact that no two weddings are ever the same.  I enjoy being quick on my feet and observant to the events unfolding in my midst.  I love seeing a fleeting moment out of the corner of my eye and capturing it in a split second before it is forever gone.  I am truly thankful to record an entire day that will be looked over for generations to come and through photographs to create a permanent record of loved ones.


What is your philosophy?

I believe in getting to know my clients very well.  Properly documenting a wedding requires a human touch – it should never merely involve clocking in for a set amount of time and clicking a button to produce a standard group of shots.  As a documentarian, I am aware that I have one chance to capture not only the story, but the essence, of my couples’ days.  The core of my philosophy is entrenching myself in the day and appreciating all that surrounds me.  I translate that appreciation into images that genuinely reflect and interpret each individual event.


Do you shoot posed photos or portraiture?

Absolutely.  While the bulk of my shooting is dedicated to documentary and fine art coverage, I do appreciate the desire of couples to include some posed portraiture in their day.  I am a strong proponent of portraits that are relaxed, happy, and natural – I believe that people should reveal their true selves in photographs that ultimately, these are the photographs that others enjoy viewing time after time.  I work with each couple to customize a small list of family portraits and I also enjoy collaborating on ideas for creative wedding party portraiture.


What is your approach?

Casual, non-commanding, and very people friendly! I prefer to blend into the scenes throughout the day, documenting personalities and unfolding moments discreetly.


Describe your style.

Very pure, very organic. Fresh but with a touch of vintage sensibility. Beautiful and aesthetically appealing while remaining authentic to my subjects. I do not rely on heavy post production (digital tweaks and manipulation) to alter or enhance the essence of my photographs. My goal is to bestow upon clients a visual keepsake of their day that is honest, natural, and moving.


What are clients’ most frequent feedback about their experiences with you?

Clients and their guests regularly mention that I was everywhere, but without being in the way or obtrusive. Brides and grooms constantly comment that I capture their friends’ and family members’ true personas in photographs. Parents of brides and grooms frequently thank me for my happy disposition not just at the beginning of wedding planning, but throughout the entire process.

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