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Album Design Policy

“Each album that I create is considered a one of a kind art piece.  From the beginning of my career, I have opted to work with custom bookbinders around the world who craft archival and timeless albums, using only the highest grade of materials and with thorough attention to detail.  Commissioning an album from me is completely ala carte – although 80-90% of my clients do opt to commission a custom album, it is NOT necessary to do so in order to work with me as your wedding photographer.  Clients who do wish to commission an album are asked to provide a list of any images that they wish to have omitted from the design process as well as all favorite images that must be included.  From this point, I request creative freedom to design and assemble a beautiful heirloom book.  Because I work with actual printed photographs and stationery in my album design (not the more mainstream style of album created via templates and printed directly onto the page), my pages are hand assembled and I do not provide proofing/approval of layouts as I work.  In the interest of being fully ethical and transparent in my methods, and because they are sometimes considered unorthodox, I opt to explain my procedures and artistic flow to all clients before they choose to commission artwork.”


“I always want my brides and grooms to enjoy a comfortable and easy going relationship with me – there is a certain magic about perfect collaborations that cannot be matched.  If clients wish for me to view their Pinterest boards or brainstorm about creative ideas, I am all in!  I absolutely desire to share my clients’ vision of that which they love.  I do strongly encourage clients to take note that their wedding is a UNIQUE day!  As a creative professional who shoots in a documentary fashion, my work will best reflect the day and personalities of each special client when I am not forced to copy links from sites or asked to carbon copy duplicate the work of other photographers.  I encourage all of my clients to work with me to put their own “personal spin” on ideas that they love, so that the resulting images are real, timeless, and reflect the very best of my own abilities.  When people trust me to document such an important day, I aim to bring forth all of my creativity, physical and mental energy, and fresh visions to the table!”

Timelines, Portrait Lists, & Organization

“I work with all clients to compose family portrait lists – these are traditional posed photos such as “Bride and Groom with both sets of Parents” or “Bride with Mom & Grandma.”  These lists allow the client to assess which family portraits are most important and then helps us to plan how much time will be needed for these portraits – both important aspects to efficiency and organization.  I also work with clients on the general timeline of the day – I love to see my people enjoy a totally happy and stress free event and this pre-planning is AMAZING for achieving that goal!”

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